About Us

HG Oreland Pizza is located in the heart of  Oreland, PA. We are a Family-Owned & Operated Business offering delicious selections of food prepared with Fresh Ingredients. We have it all! Ranging from 800° Fahrenheit Coal Fired Pizzas to 500° Fahrenheit Traditional Neapolitan Pizzas, Calzone / Stromboli, Wings, Grilled Panini, Hot Sandwiches, Pasta Dishes, Steaks, Wraps, Club Sandwiches, Charbroiled Burgers, Hoagies, Salads, Soups & Kid Menus.

But our true specialty is our famous Coal Fired Pizzas made with fresh ingredients, cooked in our Coal Fired Oven at 800° Fahrenheit! HG Coal Fired Pizza is the most pleasant place to share memorable experiences with friends and family.

It all began in the 1980s when Hector G. (HG) immigrated to the United States, bringing his love for pizza with him and deciding to open HG Pizza. We are a Family-Owned & Operated Business with a superb reputation in Customer Service and Food Satisfaction. Hector's mission every day is to pour his love into the art of making pizzas he designs, from the essential traditional ingredients to ethnic blends to custom-made requests. We are here to serve you; come stop by and try our fresh, delicious food!